Our kit utilizes industry firsts, such as our new compression struts that not only look cool but they also hide the hideous torsion bars inside them. Another innovative feature is the 100% hand made full length fabricated spindles. We fabricate our spindles out of 1/4 in. solid steel plate. With it's boxed design it is 5 times stronger than the competitors. We are also one of the few manufacturer that offers a kit to clear up to a 40" tire.

Rize Industry’s is pleased to introduce our new lift system for the Dodge 2500/3500 series 4x4. Yes, that’s right Rize has now entered into the Dodge truck arena. By listening to what the Dodge enthusiast has been asking for, plus spending countless hours in the R&D lap, and out in the testing field, we at Rize can now offer one of the finest lift systems available any where for the big Dodge. This kit addresses all of the major demands that the hardcore Dodge boys and girls have been screaming for.

Demands like:
- A true 8 inches of lift to clear 37” tires.
- A trick center link/idler arm steering system, to greatly reduce bump steer that is so prevalent on the typical lifted Dodge.
- Custom front coil springs that not only provide a superior ride, but offer more wheel travel as well.
- A new tranny/transfer case X-member kit to help eliminate severe front drive shaft angle and vibration.
- Drop basketry that does away with the crazy 4-link geometry that is so typical on most
lifted Dodges.
- Proper steering & alignment geometry.
- A kit that offers simple installation, with minimal drilling and zero cutting.
- Allows the truck to be put back to stock.
- A lift system that gives the truck a clean, contemporary, yet aggressive look.

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