Do you sell retail?
Yes. You have the option of purchasing factory direct or from your local offroad shop.

What available colors do your lifts come in? And will you sell it raw (un-powder coated)?
All of our kits come with our signature two stage silver metallic powder coat. However, it is also available raw or in custom colors for an extra fee.

Do your kits come complete?
We sell them both ways. Complete with shocks and all accessories or seperately.

What size shocks fit with your lift kits?
6" Kit:
- Front, 25.5" extended length
- Rear, 30" extended length
8" Kit:
- Front, 27.5" extended length
- Rear, 32" extended length

What size steering stabilizer shocks fit with your kit?
10" travel for most shocks except fox has a longer shock body, therefore, 8" travel shock.

What size back spacing wheel do you recommend?
We recommend 4.5" backspacing.

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